Sunday, May 16, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ May17th-23rd

I have really missed my menu plan the past two weeks! Aaaaaaa!! I was back to trying out what to cook each day! What a pain! Well, this week, back to the plan! =) If you have not visited Organize Junkie yet, or started a weekly or monthly menu plan, I HIGHLY recommend it! =) There are tons of blogs to visit, ideas, recipes to try, etc!
The only bad thing about menu plan Monday is that I do not seem to have enough time to visit the other blogs linked up!

Yesterday I made Mexi Shells for lunch and homemade tortillas (for egg burritos) for supper! I will share those recipes on my "What's Cooking Wednesdays?" post for this week!

Well I still have 4 giveaways going on! Hope you will visit the links on my sidebar and enter them! =)

Here is my tentative menu plan for this week!

Mon.=egg burritos
The other mornings, probably mostly cold cereal (homemade granola), unless I get to a store and get fresh fruit! Would love some blueberry pancakes! =)

Mon.= leftover Mexi Shells
Tues.= homemade pizza (hopefully!)
Wed.= leftover pizza
Thurs.=leftover buffet
Fri.= tuna sandwiches
Sat.=leftover chicken
Sun.=leftover roast

Mon.=salmon and rice
Tues.=salmon & rice
Wed.=BBQ ribs
Thurs.= leftover BBQ ribs
Sun.= spaghetti and meatballs

God bless your menu planning and cooking this week!

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