Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Magazine for Daughters and young women

I was soo sad to recieve my last issue of Hidden Wisdom, a few months ago. But, I had a feeling it was coming from how Abigail's letters had been sounding. I am glad to see that Sarah Bryant is picking up the Hidden Wisdom Subscribers. I pray that Miss Bryant is able to keep up the good work that Abigail was doing and can reach out to as many people across the country and world! Are young women and men need good, Christain magazines! I was glad Hidden Wisdom had turned into a magazine boys and girls and people of every age could enjoy and write in. Maybe "The King's Blooming Rose" will open up to all or another magazine like it will start up!
I recieved my first issue of "The King's Blooming Rose" today. The lay out and a lot of the content is so similar to Hidden Wisdom's. It looks really good! I will save my issues for our daughters, as I have all my past issues Hidden Wisdom!
I recommended this to young women and daughters. They will find great encouragement reading from other young women who are homeschooled and still at home, or from mothers as good role models on our call as women.


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