Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Canning

(I wrote this the other day)

This past summer, we did the most canning we have done, so far, together! I helped with a Lot of canning, growing up, and King Ed's Grandma did a Lot of canning, too, of course!
King Ed showed me how to can bacon, which I had not tried before! It turned out great and is so good to have!
Since we did so much canning last year, we have been enjoying more meals from our own canned goods and less trips to the store! The dried beans and rice that we have been buying and vacuum packing have been great, too! I look forward to growing our own garden in the spring and Lord willing, doing even More canning! A lot of what we canned last year was from the abundance of others gardens! God is Good!
For breakfast this morning, we had some home canned sausage with our eggs and some fried corn (from corn we canned!). Tonight we are having soup from our canned green beans, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, and ham! Yummy! With some hot water cornbread. I told King Ed a while back while I was cutting up the ham to can, "I am probably the only person canning a ham!" It is soo good though!
I was trying to find someone selling canning jars online, so I could share them with you all. I only found these though and you have to buy like a minimuim order of $500! You are probably better off going to the dollar store, Big Lots or Wal-Mart and buying all they have though, unless you can get others to in together with you on a big order.

Learning how to can, teaching our daughters (and sons) to can, and canning as much of your own food as you can is so important for our childrens future. Our children need to learn how to perserve their own food. It is soo sad to me (as a young woman) to see so many woman of all ages, unable to even can a jar of greenbeans! What would our great grandmothers have thought! That a woman can go through her whole life, (and be able sleep at night through the winter!) and never can a jar of food (or only can a few jars of jelly a year)!
Even if you do not have a place for a very big garden, to grow enough food to can you can find a lot at farmers markets, local produce stands or some stores carry organic produce, or maybe someone you know has extra produce or would not mind you putting a garden on their extra space of land. When my family lived in TX. we had a organic farmer who had a 2 acre garden! We helped him with the weeding and gardening and got a lot of produce, etc. from him! It was wonderful! We also had 2 organic coops that we got food from. Here is a good site for finding local produce.

I follow the "Ball Blue Book" and what I and King Ed have learned for our canning.
We bought "All American" canners from ebay, But you can find them on many sites online, such as Lehmans, etc.

I recently bought "Stocking Up" (from amazon also). It covers a lot of ways of perserving foods (canning, drying, freezing, etc.) and covers dairy products, recipes, harvesting and so much more! I look forward to trying a lot of the recipes, etc. out!

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