Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Stocking Up Challenge" Vacuum Sealing and Canning

When it comes to stocking up, no matter if you are a newbie, worrier or brave, you NEED to look into buying a vacuum sealer, pressure canner and Lots of jars and lids!

I have used several different brands of vacuum sealers and they all work pretty well. You can buy them online and at wal-mart and a lot of other stores.

I recommend buying rolls of the vacuum sealer bags, online at ebay. You can get 4 Big rolls for around $60 (shipping and all). And that is enough bags to pack several hundred pounds of food, etc!

When buying a canner, look for the All American canners! We have found them on ebay. We have the 15 1/2 quart, which holds 7 quart jars or 10 pints.

And for canning jars, I recommend having at least 300 jars on hand. And at least twice that amount of lids.

I think everyone should have around 1,000 jars, but for some reason people are just not like they use to be, or need to be.

Use to be, you were crazy if you did not have all this stuff stocked up for your family, and now they think you are crazy if you do!

Who cares?

I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it!


  1. I don't have near that many since I just started canning last year. A friend of my mom's was getting rid of her stash of jars and is gifting me with 45 quart Ball jars. Can't wait to fill them after the summer harvest!

  2. I bought a canner last year and it's still in the box. Hoping to learn how to use it this year. I also have a dehydrator. Following you here, since FB has banned me from "Like"ing anyone else in the next couple days! :)