Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Advice for Women

We recently had a friend loan us a book. And first thing, he wanted to read a certain part to us. The whole time he was reading it, I was thinking, (and laughing to myself) because it was something that husband and I talk about a Lot! Lol!

Since I have it worded good, right out of a book, I want to share it with everyone! I hope you will take the time to read all of this and share it with others! It is VERY important!

It is from the chapter,
"Women and Guns" from "Boston's Gun Bible" by Boston T. Party

"While often dissatisfied with men, women don't realize that they themselves are the solution. Men don't make men, women do. Women determine the quality of men. As Louise told Thelma, 'You get what you settle for." if women would quit having the children of oafs and morons, then they'd die off. Women are the lifeguards of the gene pool, and they should start choosing quality mates, as critters have always done. (Women have been debased so as to give oafs better odds. The question is, why have women allowed their debasement?)

Ladies! Do not speak to, date, sleep with, or marry a hopelessly substandard male. Don't encourage him with the slightest of smiles. He shouldn't exist- so treat him that way. Above all, do not have his children! If he can't catch an introspective clue, then let him die alone-let his shoddy genes be lost forever. Do not feel sorry for him. This is not cruelty- this is quality control. You're responsible because men will sleep with almost anybody. We're the seed-sowers and it is not in us to be picky. You're the child-bearers, so you have to be selective.

When women refuse to civilize men, men become Al Bundy from Married with Children. Why? Because inside every man is a potential Al Bundy, and it's the women's duty to encourage that he never sees the light of day. Although men can, with rare and great effort, single-handedly keep their own "Al" locked up, what's the point if women no longer seem to care?
Believe me, we can tell if women care. They don't, and they are reaping the cruel justice of getting the lazy, irresponsible worms they deserve. Ignore genuine courtesy, honor, and responsibility in men- and women get prissy, whining, amoral cowards. Fill up a nation with such males, then a country is left with only bi-gender women, and the predators begin to take over. Courting Darth Vader, the feminized society then cries for a hyper-masculine police state to restore order. When gentlemen are gone, government thugs fill the vacuum. This is the trend that has been accelerating in America since the late 1960's:

'There was a time even in my remeberence when American men were manly, heads of their houses, and respected by their wives and children. They were rugged and hard-nosed and not swathed in a soft pink jello. A thief was a thief to them, and not a "disadvantaged, underprivileged, culturally deprived" weakling. I've seen men beat up other men who attempted to snatch a woman's purse on the public streets, or who kicked a dog or punched a child.....
When men are unmanned, spiritually if not physically, then a country because depraved, weak, degenerate, feeble of spirit, dependent, guideless, sick. Such a sick country can never resist authoritarian despots, tyrannies, the men on horseback, Communism.
Our Presidents are always talking about out image abroad. I have news for them. Our "image" is a surrogate Mama, in an apron, with a baby's bottle in his hand. Surrogate Mama to a laughing and contemptuous world! Bottle feeder to ravenous "infants" to proclaim themselves heads of some obscure state in some backyard continent!
This is our image abroad. Does it make a nice picture to you? Then do something about it. Start in your own house, and then with your own local government. Unseat your emasculators in Washington. Drive them from your schools and your courts. Proclaim to the world again- and again- that you will stand for no more nonsense, and that our flag is to be honored wherever it flies over any embassy; that you have the power and are quite willing to use it, in the name of freedom and justice, tempered only slightly by masculine mercy.
Then perhaps, America will be honorably feared and respected, and peace might really come to a mad and disordered world. The center that "cannot hold" might tighten and become iron and invincible, and Doomsday thus averted. (p. 00-101)
Remember this: The strongest sign of decay of a nation is the feminization of men and the masculinization of women...The decay and ruin of a nation always has lain in the hands of its women. So does its life and strength, its reverence for beauty, its mercy and kindness. And above all its men. (p. 116-117)
-Taylor Caldwell; On Growing Up Tough (1971)

Men will be responsible, honorable, and even heroic- if women encourage and respect us for it. We need it, for we cannot forever run on our own meager batteries. (Granted, no man is emasculated without his assent, but we cannot fight the relentless onslaught on manhood without women's help.) A dime's worth of respect and approval from ladies gets a dollar's worth of effort from us. Men are the draft animals of the human race, and we work cheaply. (We are built that way and don't mind shouldering the yoke of human existence.) But we do need at least that dime, and we're getting pennies.

Ladies are not silly froth. Gentlemen are not brainless brutes. We are made to complement each other. But until men are respected for their manhood so that they clean up our streets, American women, sadly, should carry a handgun."


  1. Amen! We desperately need to get back to a society where Men are Men and Women are Women ~ no confusion of the roles or sexes.

  2. You know the women's movement was not all bad. We earned the right to vote and so on. Unfortunately in the process we stripped many men of their ability to be men.