Monday, March 7, 2011

Homeschool Update: Making school books!

Our 5 year old has not ceased to amaze me! I often think she must not be mine, because she is so smart! But since I had her at home, I am pretty sure she is mine (unless they swapped her while I was asleep?)! Well, anyways, I think it is safe to say she gets her brains from her Daddy! =)

Her new idea and pursuit today was making a workbook!
She ask me to staple some paper for her, then she colored and wrote the title on the front, "Word's and writing"! She took her Language Art school book, and started copying EVERY word from it into her book!

She also drew the pictures!!! So far she has 4 pages done! She read it to me as she wrote it and said that she is making it for her children!
I told husband that she will have K-12 written in a couple of years if she kept it up! Lol!
I wish ya'll could see the books she writes and pictures she draws and colors!
Homeschool is just so exciting! I look forward to everything she comes up with and makes in the future! =) And everything that the 3 year old comes up with too! It is just so much fun!
Hey, I am watching and learning! =)

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