Monday, October 25, 2010

CSN Stores Review Is............A Hamilton Beach...........(Read post!)

I know it has been a long while since I told you about the "Le creuset" cookware at CSN Stores and that I was going to do a product review with CSN Stores! Well, I am finally able to get my sick computer to run long enough for me to post my review! Yippee!

If you follow my blog, you know that I love CSN Stores! With over 200 stores to shop from, you can find just about Everything for your family, home, yard, gifts, etc! I love the store! So when i was offered a review for CSN Stores, that is where I headed!

What caught my eye this time?

A Hamilton Beach Convection Counter top Oven!!!!!!!!!!!

Husband and I had talked about getting a toaster oven. Our microwave had broke a while back and I was having to use the electric stove oven to warm things up! Ugh! Husband didn't want to get a new microwave at the time and I am not crazy about microwaves anyway, so it was a great choice for our family!

I was very excited when the oven came and I could start using it!

First I have to tell you that I give it 5 stars and love it! if you need or want a toaster oven, this Hamilton Beach is the One to get!!!!

Here are the Features listed on CSN Stores:
"•Extra-large toaster oven (6 - 8 slices) with convection
•User-friendly control knobs
•Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees F
•2-Hour timer with auto shut-off
•Slide-out crumb tray
•2 Racks, 2 baking pans, broil grid, and user manual with recipes included
•1-Year limited warranty"

My review:

It is very easy to clean! You can wipe it down fast, and the trays & racks slide right out and can be washed in the dish washer! There is a bottom tray that you can slide out and wash off, if you have a spill or just need to clean it out.

Now to how great it cooks!

I have baked and heated up just about everything in my toaster oven!

Here is a list and some pictures to give you an idea of what YOU can bake/cook/heat in this toaster oven, if you get one!!

Baked chicken (seen in picture below)!

A Lot of cornbread! And several apple pies!

Here is another picture of the cornbread and apple pies, and there are two pans of brownies in the oven!

This picture is my favorite so far!!! YUM! The brownies up close in the oven! =)

I have also made my granola in the Hamilton Beach convention oven!
Other things include:
baked steak,
baked potatoes,
baked "blooming" onion,
smoked sausage,
mini pizzas,
& biscuits
to name a few!

And as I said I heat everything in it like a microwave!

Oh, and did I mention toast?
You can fit 6 big slices of toast on each tray! So this little oven can sit on your counter and not take up too much space (a little more square and not as wide as our old microwave), yet it can bake a lot of food at one time!

I highly recommend this pretty convention/toaster oven for your kitchen! And it will make a good gift for mom, grandma, sister, or just about anyone!

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  1. It looks fantastic. We are interested in getting a convection toaster oven. How fast does it cook potatoes? Blessings!