Friday, June 4, 2010

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review!!!!!

When I first found Tropical Traditions, I knew it was a company that I would love!
The Coconut oil was the first thing I feel in love with, since I have heard and read so much about how good coconut oil is for you!
I guess when you learn how good coconut oil is, you also learn how refined, vegetable oils are Not good for you! Just the fact that they have so much done to them before they are put on the shelves to sell should be enough to turn you around from buying them again! But if that don't, what they are made from should!
Thankfully there is an alternative and yes, it is coconut oil!
Don't let the price of coconut oil frighten you! We are talking about cooking oil, something everyone uses and some people use on a daily basis. So why not use something that you know is good for you and your family?
Tropical Traditions has specials all the time for their products, so sign up for their newsletter so you can keep up with all of them! They often have sells and deals on the coconut oil! =)
I was able to try the Coconut oil, thanks to the great folks at Tropical Traditions! I was completely delighted when it finally arrived! I love using it in my homemade granola! It is also fantastic for healthy cookies! Yum! I used it to make my dandelion cookies back in the early springtime!
Do you have a picky eater who does not like the coconut flakes, but you still want some coconut flavor in your cooking? Coconut oil is the answer!
There are TONS of Recipes to try out and add to your favorites over at Tropical Traditions! Be sure to check them out after you order some things from Tropical Traditions, so you can come up with some neat menus to surprise your family!
I want to try some for making shrimp and other fish dishes this summer! With my coconut oil, of course!
You really should try Tropical traditions Coconut Oil! I think you will love it too!

Below is a great video about Tropical Traditions Coconut oil and below that I have posted about the Tropical Traditions referral plan! I hope you will use it to help me out some too, when you make your orders from Tropical Traditions!
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Thanks so much!

“How We Discovered Virgin Coconut Oil - An Interview with Brian Shilhavy, CEO Tropical Traditions”

Tropical Traditions also has a Referral Program, so if you place an order with them as a first-time customer, please select “Referred by a friend” and in the box that says “How did you hear of us?” enter my sponsor ID number… 5502585. By telling Tropical Traditions that I referred you, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours! by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy with your first order! This book is filled with testimonies and research showing how healthy coconut oil is, and it also includes over 85 recipes showing how one can incorporate coconut into their diet.

Here are some easy to use directions for your referrals:

1. Add the items you would like to purchase from the order form linked to Tropical Traditions. Visit

2. You'll be directed to the Order Form at the Tropical Traditions/Healthy Buyers Club website. You do not have to be a member or purchase a membership to buy from Tropical Traditions. Membership in the Healthy Buyers Club allows you to purchase in bulk amount at club member discounts if you choose to join. If you choose not to purchase a membership to the Healthy Buyers Club please order under the heading “Retail Sale Items”. This will enable you to purchase less than case amounts of any of the individual items without a membership.

3. Select the items you would like to purchase.

4. When you are ready to check out please click on the "Continue'' link which will take you to your shopping cart.

5. Review your order and then click on the "Check Out" button from your shopping cart.

6. Fill in your account information as directed. In the box: "How did you hear of us?'' you must select: "Referred by a friend'' on the drop down arrow. When you make this selection, a box for your sponsor's User ID number should appear if you are a first time customer.

7. Enter your sponsor's User ID number 5502585.

8. To complete your order click on "Save and Proceed to Checkout" at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions through the checkout process. You will receive an order number when you have successfully placed your order.

By following these steps, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours! by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy. Your sponsor will receive a coupon for a complimentary gift to redeem on their next order. You may view the current complimentary gift being offered here:

Those with additional questions about taking advantage of the referral program when creating their new account may email us using this link:

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.

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  1. Hello! I am following from Friday Blog Hop! I have a huge tub of coconut oil from Tropical Traditons, I put some in my smoothie every day =)