Monday, June 21, 2010

~Menu Plan Monday~ Welcome Summer Time!!!

Summer is here! Yippee! Time to work, sweat, play in the water, take more baths and showers, weed and water the garden, and look forward to all those fresh summer recipes! YUM! I am sure you can find tons of great summer recipes, plus hundreds of blogs to surf and great menu plans at Organize Junkie!!
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Here is what I hope to cook this week!

Breakfasts :
will be egg burritos, pancakes & cold cereal!

will be sandwiches (tuna and peanut butter & jelly) and leftover buffets!

Mon.=catfish & mussels w/white beans and hushpuppies.
Tues.= BBQ Ribs, crock-pot backed beans
Wed.= hamburgers
Thurs.=chicken (not sure yet whether it will be fried, grilled or slow cooked!)
Fri.=zucchini crust pizza
Sat.= chunky taco soup or enchiladas (if I have the ingredients!)
Sun.= shepherds pie

Happy Menu Planning and God bless your summer!


  1. zucchini crust pizza sounds very...interesting. And YUMMY! Would you mind sharing the recipe?