Monday, June 14, 2010

~Music Monday~ Tribute to Our Troops

For more great music to start your week on the right note, visit Shawntele's blog, "Saved By Grace"!

Good, Monday morning to my dear blog friends!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend! Our weekend was busy, but good!I have been out working in the garden, trying to get the weeds under control! =) They were starting to get carried away out there! I am almost done weeding now and it has been a lot of fun (even though it has been hot), spending time in the garden.

I have been busy with other things when I am on the computer, so I have missed Music Monday lately. =( But today I have a very special song and that I really wanted to share with everyone!

I got the idea, over Memorial weekend, that Ginny Owen's song, "If You Want Me To" would be perfect with pictures of our troops. I thought it would go well and be a good tribute to our troops. I really think our troops do not get enough support, and word from Americans, that they are appreciated, loved and supported. The troops should not feel alone. Our troops should know that God loves them and is always with them and that Americans have their back and pray for them and are here for them!

I just happened to ask a lady on youtube (Carleen at Just4MeVideo) if she could put it together. She said she would give it a try, and the video below, (from youtube) is what she made!

This video is for our troops and I hope you will help get it out so that they can see it. Please watch, and pass it on to everyone you know! Share it on your blog,email the link, etc! Hope you can take the time to rate the video and leave a comment the videos youtube page also!

God bless our troops! God bless your Monday and week ahead!



  1. 老天爺賦予了強者的能力,就是要他比弱者多擔待 ..................................................

  2. Hi there!! I saw you on the Conservatives groups of MBC and wanted to stop by and say hello!! I love this post! Unfortunately, I could not get the song to load, but I am following you now, so I will be back to see if it will work for me later!