Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preparations For Winter

With the cool weather starting so soon, and fall it seems is already on some of us and gaining on the rest (!), I was wondering how everyone is preparing and getting ready for the Cold weather ahead?!

It feels to my husband and I that everything is a little ahead this year. Our dog-days of summer where back in July, instead of Aug. and we have been having nights around 50 degrees here.We hope to get some firewood stacked up, even though we have central heat and air! You never know when you may get a lot of ice and the power be out for a while. So we want to be able to use the wood stove! For heat and cooking.

I hope to start filling our freezer and canning jars with meats, this fall. Husband hopes to do some fishing and get some turkey, venisen, etc.
I would also like to can some apples!

So I was wondering if anyone else is "winterizing" ??

Are you cutting/buying and stacking up a lot of firewood?Buying a wood cook stove?

Planning a fall garden?Saving seeds from this years garden?
Buying your seeds for next years gardening?
Buying/building a greenhouse?
Planning out your greenhouse?

Stocking up on beans, and rice, wheat, cornmeal, oats, peanut butter, coffee, sugar, honey, nuts, herbal teas, spices, oils/fats for cooking, baking supplies (vanilla, baking powder, soda, salt, etc.) etc?

You may even want/need to stock up on bottled/barreled water.

Don't forget that canning jars and supplies are usually seasonal, so get as many of them as you can, now before they are out of stock!

Stocking up on paper goods (paper towls, toilet paper, feminine products, diapers, wipes,etc.)

Other things you may need like:
School supplies,
cleaning supplies,
washcloths, towels,
bathing/body and first aid supplies,etc.

A lot of candles, some kerosene lamps and lots of kerosene and lamp wicks!

And do not forget the winter clothes! Don't wait to long to get the boots/shoes, socks, coats, etc!
And buying sewing supples and fabric, so on the cool days you can do some sewing!

Also with all the talk of flu and sickness, and the regular winter colds, it would be very wise to stock up on echinacea, red raspberry, garlic, onions, horseradish, lobelia, and your tinctures, teas and formulas for the immune system, colds, flu, etc. I try to have a lot of Emergen-C drink on hand and it is good to have juices stocked up too!

I hope this is helpful and encourages you to start preparing for your families winter days ahead!
I know there is a lot more and it is a little different for each family, but start with your basic, everyday uses and foods and after you have that stocked up, you can start getting more of the "extra" things you would "like" to have!

God bless! Keep looking to Him!

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