Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Review of my Favorite Network for Homeschoolers!

A few months ago, I meet a sweet lady, and we started talking about our concerns for homeschoolers and the future of our country. Before to long, she started a network called "The Conservative Homeschooler"!
This is now my favorite place on the world wide web! And if you are a member there or read this, I am sure you will agree, if you are a homeschooler who discusses homeschooling, everything going on in our country and the world today and are concerned about the future of our country and want to educate yourself and even be involved in getting this country back to God, values and principles!

The network has been growing! Praise the Lord! There is always so much going on there now, I can hardly keep up!
Some of the top forums today are:
"Group banned in Tulsa for Bible Studies",
"Feminism and Motherhood",
"The Principle Approach",
"Civics 101".

There are now 62 wonderful groups!

From Conservative Parenting, raising sons, raising daughters, teaching little ones, Patriotic homeschoolers, and groups for different curreculums, to prayer and Bible study groups!
There are many groups for woman, on homemaking, pregnancy, recipes and preserving food! Also a group for men, marriage groups, and great groups for book studies!
Some of the book studies started or coming are
"Esther: It's Tough to be a woman",
"The Power Of a Praying Wife",
"The 5000 Year Leap",
"Created to be His Help Meet"
"Lies Homeschool Moms Believe"!
We have so many wonderful women! I am so glad to have been able to make so many great friendships, so far, and look forward to making more and getting to know everyone better!
There is just such a good, wholesome variety at The Conservative Homeschooler"! Whether you are in need of prayer, and encouragement,
looking for a place to discuss homeschool techniques, and gather ideas, or you want to talk about the newest czar, how we are becoming Europe or Germany and study our founding documents, it is pretty much covered there!

Conservative Homeschooler

Conservative Homeschooler/a>Conservative Homeschooler

Conservative Homeschooler/a>Conservative Homeschooler

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