Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An open letter to State Legislators of the Nation

An open letter to State Legislators of the Nation, 5/18/09I ask that you read this carefully and let it become a part of your standardoperating procedures manual of the heart. Your response to this will help decidethe ultimate fate of our nation.As sworn officers and oath bound duly elected men and women, you are under thelawful order domain that was codified for all time by The Constitution that merelyobeying orders of any kind was not an affirmative defense for actions taken by centralgovernment (federal) against civilian (state) populations.The benchmark has long been established, that if the “federal order (legislation)” wasunconstitutional (criminal) in nature or “required” the affected states to commit an actthey knew was, or suspected to be unconstitutional or criminal in nature, the affectedpeoples of that State and our Legislators have the absolute right and DUTY to disobeythat order and in some cases seek the immediate arrest and prosecution of the orderingauthority, be it Federal or State. That operational standard still exists and will be usedshould the occasion arise in the near future.Let the People be VERY clear. As The Peoples representative it is your responsibility toprevent, to the best of your legislative ability, any officer from any jurisdiction, privatecontractor hired to act as agents of the police, or a military member acting in an“official” capacity from carrying out unlawful, unconstitutional, or unethical “orders”that violates the effected person’s lawful rights, safety, security, or freedoms.Furthermore the offending “agent” of government is to be held liable in court bothcriminally and civilly. To uphold the right of resistance to such government actions bythe citizenry of the affected State in these situations for the preservation of life andpeace, and God given rights as laid out in the Constitution is justified in the extreme.We are left then with this “future” to contemplate. Either intelligence andcommon sense will dictate that this nation’s constitutional laws will be followedunder all circumstances, or there will be severe consequences both immediateand long term.Be it known that no Legislative authority is exempt from safeguarding the Americanpeople from violations of their absolute rights and that all such authority must be lawful,constitutional, humane and fair.That any and every Legislator of the State have as their first priority, theintelligent and judicious use of their power, and the full knowledge that theStates and its people will hold them accountable and responsible for their individual andcollective actions in defense, or the lack of defense of the People during times of crisesfrom WHATEVER cause.Be it further understood, that State legislation is expected from you that firmly states, noPresident, General, Judge, Governor, Attorney General, law enforcement official,legislator, public official at any level or animal control officer may violate civil rights, theBill of Rights, the law, constitutional authority, or any other covenant with the Americanpeople at the State or Local level for any reason. Any such violation will be considered aviolation of the official’s oath of office, and the violating official will be held accountableby the People.Good intelligence and common sense are the most useful tools in keeping thepeace, safeguarding the general population and using the law for the purposes itwas intended. Common sense is the gatekeeper for those laws and themaintenance of civilization.Together we must insure that both intelligence and common sense survive anyapplication or misapplication of the law in any form including that of martial law.No other course is acceptable. No other course is lawful. No other course willinsure that the States and America survives its present economic and political calamitieswithout resorting to all out conflict between its citizens and those in authority.Our future may well depend on intelligent, and common sense discretion as itapplies to the application law ( State and Federal), and that the will and decisions of thePEOPLE, protected by Constitution law at the State, county, or parish level is absolute.We The People expect, and respectively submit that those in authority begin atonce to exercise intelligent strength of character and the wisdom to know fromwhence comes their strength. The Constitution 10th Amendment and the Declaration ofIndependence enumerates the right, the people you obligated to represent provide theguidance and legislative power to convey the intention of the People up to and includingsecession legislation should it become necessary as prescribed by The People.The people you serve have assigned the trust and obligation, the Tenth Amendmentgives you the right to exercise the actions laid out in this letter. There is abundantFederal case history that has ruled in favor of the sovereignty of the States andrespective counties, and upheld the Legislators and Sheriffs obligation to enforce thesesovereign rights of the people, as set forth in the 10th Amendment.In conclusion the “best economic minds” as of this writing have concluded theeconomy will not recover in the near future. In the increasing unlikely event that arecovery comes to pass we must be even more vigilant than ever. As set forth in one ofthe many quotes that directly addresses this very situation."Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporarySafety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”Ben FranklinFrom county to state to country, Constitutional enforcement may very well fall to usagain, if it should, we must be prepared to protect our freedoms or they will swiftly cometo be no more.We the undersigned, or bearers of this letter have employed our State Legislators todefend our freedoms, and liberties as set forth in the Constitution of the United Statesand the rights set forth therein considered as a intricate part of the Constitution of theState and the People you represent. It is your sworn duty.NAME ADDRESS DATE--------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------

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