Saturday, December 4, 2010

25 Days Of Christmas Music Day 4 " I heard the Bells on Christmas Day"

25 Days Of Christmas Music
Day 4
"I heard the Bells on Christmas Day"

First a disclaimer! I am not a fan of Harry Belafonte, but I do love this song!

Now to "Peace"!

"Peace on earth good will to men"

Who believes we really have that on earth anymore? All the war, death, fighting, breakdown of families, morals and values are disregarded, unborn babies are killed and children are thrown out to the "wolves"!

I believe that Christmas is a wonderful time for us to return to peace and living a peaceful life.

But that is up to each of us to decide on our own.

Think it is too much for you? We are not alone! God is for peace, God is for us! He gives us strength, He gives us Himself! With Him we can have peace! But we have to take the first step to let Him into out life and put on the new man/woman!

So what do you want this Christmas? Peace? Let God in and give Him Everything! Put on His armour and stand for peace!

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