Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Amaryllis- Times two!

I love amaryllis! I remember, as a teenager, I got one of the amaryllis growing sets for my birthday! And a couple of years ago, I was given another one!
You have to remember though, I do not have a green thumb! Most stuff dies on me, so this poor plant has seen some ruff days over the past few years!
Winter of 2010, I had to separate the bulbs, since they were getting to big in the pot! So I made two pots with two bulbs in each pot. So far they are doing good, but will need to separate them again this year, as they keep growing!

This year, both started to bloom in April! And they were just beautiful! I was so excited to have two blooming at the same time! I had one more bloom later, but it was smaller and only had two flowers on it.

I took some pictures of them as they bloomed and wanted them here on my blog! Hope you enjoy them too!


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