Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Stocking Up Challenge" The Pantry List!!!!!!!

Okay ladies!

I hope you have your piggy banks filled and a lot of money saved over the past week+!
If you don't, keep saving! you will have it in no time!

Now it is time to get your list ready!

You can find some good shopping, goal, and inventory list HERE at Chart jungle, if you would like to copy some off, or start you a notebook.

Get an idea of what you want to start out with. I would recommend that if you are a Newbie or Worrier you start out with getting at least 25 lbs. of beans and 25 lbs. of rice on your first stocking up shopping trip. These are essentials to pantry stocking! =) Everyone can and will eat them, you can use them for TONS of dishes, and they are staples, so if that is all you have to eat, you will be okay and it will fill you up better then crackers and mac'n chesse!
If you want to/or have the money to get more, go over the list below and a list of what you use on a weekly and daily bases around your home.
If you are Brave on stocking up, make a list of as much as you can afford! =) You may want to get large amounts of a few items at a time, or you may want to get 4-6 items of everything you need! Remember you are stocking up. you want things that will keep for a long time, and you want enough to last you and your family a long time. So when making your list remember to get enough to hold your family size, or how many people you think you will be feeding in the future!!

Here is a kind-of "main pantry food list":

beans (pinto, kidney, white, black, and whatever your family prefers, but make sure you get pinto! You can make more foods with pintos!),
baking mixes (if you use them),
your favorite cooking oil, lard and or shortening,
sugars, (sweeteners, honey, molasses)
baking powder,
baking soda,
dry yeast,
chili powder,
red pepper,
bay leaves,
baking cocoa,
hot chocolate,
lemonade mix,
peanut butter,
raisins & other dried fruit),
salad dressings,
seasoning sauces,
cakes mixes (if you use them),
powered milk,
dried cereal,

Canned goods:

tomato sauce,
spaghetti sauce,
tomato juice,
canned milk,
jellies & spreads (if you use them & do not can your own)

canned fruit,

Household/Personal Products

toilet paper
paper towels,
feminine products,
razors & shaving cream,
bath soaps,
dish soap,
laundry soap,
school supplies (if you have children, homeschool, or use a lot of paper & supplies)!

Apple cider vinegar,
lemon juice,
fruit juices,
gatorade and or sprite (if you use them when your family is sick!)

(I think we all need to have a good supply of first aid handy at all times, and I believe in living/healing naturally, so I keep some herbs, vitamins, salves, tinctures, etc. on hand too! I Highly recommend this!). Here are some things you can start stocking up on, and as usual, make a list of what your family needs/uses/may use!

So.....get a first aid kit, or pack your own! And have extra
bandaids, gauze, pads, tape, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, etc. stocked up!

If you take vitamins, stock up on the ones you use.

Stock up on herbal teas.
I recommend having at least red raspberry, chamomile & peppermint!

A healing herbal cream, for bumps, nicks and bruises, is also good to stock up on, and echinacea tincture!

It is very handy to keep a list of what you have and how much, so when you start running low, you can start restocking it.
For those who are Newbies and Worriers, this is a great way to get a pantry over flowing over time, without stringing you out too thin!

Once you have your pantry stocked with essentials, you can slowly or quickly start adding extra things, and treats!

For example, if you have beans, rice, flour, cornmeal, oats, baking mixes, canned goods, in your pantry and some meat in the freezer (or canned), then you can add things like canned fruit, etc!

The important things to remember when you are stocking up...
If you do not stick to your list, you are sure to go over your budget, or get things that are not essential.
Shop (or if you are Brave, Order!), from a store (company/coop) that is least expensive!
Buy in bulk if you can. Things are usually cheaper in bulk.
Remember to keep a look out for sells on the things you need to stock up on.

Okay! I think that should get you going! Now I am going to post on a few challenges for each "Stocking up" level, and you can get to it!
There is much more to come on how to store your stocked items, a freezer stocking challenge, canning challenge, etc!

By the way, I know I have not listed a lot of things so if you come up with a few that you would like to share, please mention them in a comment!
And as always, look forward to what you have to say and share!
God bless!


  1. Looks great Hannah! Although I will say, not everyone eats beans:) We can't stand them hehe. A tip for anyone who doesn't have a bulk store local (like I don't), you can buy 25lb bags of flour and sugar at Walmart very inexpensively.

  2. I look forward to the day when we are settled and I am able to stock up on staples. This is a great list!