Monday, February 21, 2011

"Stocking Up Challenge" Checking in!

Hey everyone!

How did your stocking up shopping go last week? I hope great!

Are you still saving up money for more stocking up?

I canned some sausage and chicken last week, since we found some meat on sale! It makes me feel so much better to see my jars getting filled with food to feed my family! =)

We finally made it to Wal-Mart the other day too! Yippee! I do not like spending money, so I dread the check-out and have to really keep to my list and what we need.
I wanted to stock up on coffee and found the Wal-mart brand coffee (Great Value) was only $6 for a big can! With the prices of coffee going up, I highly recommend everyone stocking up on some if you drink coffee!

Wal-Mart had all their cleaning stuff out, I guess for spring cleaning!
So I stocked up on some cleaning supplies too!
The bleach was on sell, and so was rubbing alcohol and peroxide.

We use a lot of paper towels, and I want to cut back on that, so I went over and found some wash cloths, hand towels, etc!

After I stomached the check out in Wal-Mart, I finally got to go get me some new jeans at Tractor Supply! Yippee! I think between them and my skirts, I am pretty well set on working in the garden this year! =) And plan to save back a pair or two for next winter.

You have to plan and think ahead!

I love shopping at Save-A-Lot! You can stock up on sooo much and come out around budget! They had the family pack ground beef for $1.99. Not the best deal, but I went ahead and got some. I hope to make some tacos sometime! YUM! And freeze the rest.

I hope this post will inspire you to get out and stock up if you haven't been already!

Remember to buy winter clothes for your family for next winter, when the winter clothes go on sell this spring!!!

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  1. I'm slowing adding a little bit at a time to my food storage--just recently I bought 6 number 10 cans of whole wheat flour, some brownie mix, and freeze-dried pinapple. Great series of post! New follower from MBC.