Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Should We Be Involved? My Humble Opinion.

Dear Sisters,
As a homeschooling mom, I am very concerned about my children’s future and the future of my country.
In this country, we have had freedom, family unity, faith, values and principles. Our country was founded on these valuable things and from them, our country became great. Our country has slowly been drawn away from these values though. Prosperity has made our lives easy and instead of remembering where our blessings originate from, we have turned to our selves and man. So, our prosperity has been abused and now our once great country, founded upon values and principles, has forsaken them and turned in, upon itself! Neighbor against their neighbors, parties against parties, family members against family members. We have been divided and divided we will fall.
As mothers and homeschoolers, I believe, it is our call and our duty to unit, no matter our religion, political party, background, or whatever divides us, and go in to the fight for the freedom of our country, our faith, and our family! We MUST live by the values and principles of our founding Fathers and apply them to our daily lives. We must educate ourselves about history, to make sure we know who we are and what our country stood for.
Why should we, mothers be involved?
Because We are the center of the home!
Because We are the teachers of our children (the next generation)!
Because the future of our country depends upon us.
If we do not educate ourselves about the founding of this country, the principles and values it is based upon, how will we be able to educate our children to be the next generation of leaders, parents, teachers, and businessmen, etc? How will they be able to live and thrive and raise their children (on values and principles) in a free country?
There are so many things happening in our lives and in our country right now. As the gatekeepers of our home, the "watch-women" in the watch towers of our castles, how will we meet what is approaching us? How will we be prepared?
I pray that You pray about these things everyday! I pray that you become involved, that you are concerned enough, and viligent, and strong enough, to take a stand, for Your Family, Faith and Freedom! After all, are you not homeschooling for this very reason?
God bless you in your High-calling as a mother!
A sister in Christ,

Here are some places for you to join and become involved!

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