Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Peppers Galore!

Wow, I am so behind on my blogging! REALLY starting to miss it! My computer is very messed up and locked up again on me for a while around the Holidays. That was a real bummer, but I did spend more time with my family! =)
Last summer, we bought some peppers plants to plant in our garden spot. They did sooo good this year! lol! We had peppers running out of our ears!
I had Never picked so many peppers at once! One day I picked a 5 gallon bucket of Just jalapeno peppers!
I pickled a lot of the jalapeno and some habanaro (sp?) peppers. Then I dried and dehydrated a ton of them. Ground some of the dehydrated ones up, put them in an seasoning shaker, and King Ed loves to put them on his soups, stew, chili, pizza etc. He loves hot peppers.

I loved the bell peppers of course! We had stuffed peppers, and used peppers for a lot of meals over the summer. I also dehydrated a bunch of the bell peppers. They seem to be keeping well in the fridge, but I need to vacuum pack some.
I was very surprised and happy with the quality of the peppers. Wish they had all been open-pollinated seed, but the bells were hybrid. =( Oh well, I am really going to aim at being a Better gardener this year! =)

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