Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

The Ultimate Blog party is on! Yippee!

I got to participate last year and won a baby blanket for my niece! It was great fun!

This year they have even More prizes, and are doing a live party and live twitter party! So head over to 5MinutesForMom to check out all the details and link up your blog, enter prizes, etc!

Meet "Preparing For Our Children's Future"
I started blogging when my husband and I were very active into reaching out to others and trying to wake others up as to what is going on in the world and that we all need to get back to our core principles and values, our faiths and what the country was really founded on. We have have to learn our history, so we know who we are, where we came from and where we are going!

I have to admit I have gotten away from centering my blog around more of that, but I guess I feel that a lot of folks are awake now and that has finally brought some comfort to me!

Now I blog more "fuzzy" stuff, like product reviews, giveaways, inspirational post, weekly memes, etc! I still try to focus around family and things that are useful, and more natural, and things you can share and pass on to your children! They are the future and everything we do, should be for or with them in mind!

About me:

I am a Christian, stay-at-home wife and mom of two children and love my life! We live on a small piece of land now, but try to live as close to the land and nature as we can!

I love to cook & bake, work outdoors, garden, blog, read, watch shows and spend time with my family, homeschool, learn, and grow closer to my Heavenly Father!

How to follow my blog and activities:

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Prizes At the Ultimate Blog party that Interest me!

Most of them are gift certificates from places like Amazon, target, etc. I would use them for things we need like clothes, shoes and educational books!

USC 8 ($55 EGift card from Amazon),
USC 3 ($50 Taget gift card),
USC 35 ($50 paypal cash) ,
USC 36 ($25 Amazon gift card)
87 ($30 Amazon gift certificate),
95 ($100 gift certificate to,

If I did not win any of those, my second list would be:

72, 91, 69, 50, 36,USC 43,USC 56

While you are visiting here, hope you will join my "Spring Into Health" event! I have several giveaways going on now and more review and giveaways to come!

Stonyfield Oikos Organic YOGURT (4/30)

KellysJewelry Unique Bottle Cutlery Board (4/30)

Fair Trade Organic Coffee Sampler (5/2)

2 Handpainted Rosebud Wine Glasses (5/2)

My other giveaways:

What's In The Bible? DVDs (4/16)

Hope you all have a great time at the Ultimate Blog party!
God bless!



  1. Isn't the UBP fun? I had such a good time yesterday visiting lots of new blogs and meeting new people. Hope you have a wonderful party too!

  2. Party hopping today. I was drawn by the name of your blog. We just started homeschooling this year, too. Being in charge of what my children know about the world is near to my heart as well. Can't wait to look around more!

  3. I love the name of your blog. I have really been trying lately to focus my time with my children in teaching them about God and about Jesus. It's so important to instill them into their hearts.

    I LOVE inspirational posts and even have a carnival for them ~ Just a Motivating Monday. I'd love for you to join in sometimes and link up some inspiring things for me and my readers to read :)

    Happy Paryting.

  4. the ubp is so much fun. hope everyone is having a good time.

  5. Visiting from the UBP2010; you have a lovely blog! I'll be following you on Twitter. Now I'm off to check out the Stonyfield yogurt giveaway. I'd love to win some of that! :)

  6. I found you through UBP2010.

    I love the blog background! Super cute!

  7. I am blog hopping too. I loved what you said in your "about me" about our children being the future, because that is so true. Invest in our children and you invest in the future.

    I have two children, although they are older and we are towards the end of our homeschooling journey (sniff....sniff...). We have homeschooled since the beginning and I must admit that I will miss it. But I know the Lord will find lots for me to fill my time with!

    My blog is sort of different from what I originally planned too, I guess it has a mind of it's own, lol!

    ~ Nan

  8. Blowing in from the UBP to say hi :)

  9. Hey Hannah! Blog partying with ya!! I haven't checked by in a while, been really busy! Glad to see that things seem to be going well for ya.

    Blessings to you!!!

  10. Just added you on Twitter! :)

    Hope you are having fun at the BLOG PARTY!

    Jenni ("Miss Tutu")
    My UBP blog post: How to Make a Tutu blog - hope you will stop by and say hi! :) and Mom Blogger $100 Cash Contest

  11. Great to meet you! Just dropping in from the party.

  12. Just stopping by from the UBP at Five Minutes for Mom. I love your site and am subscribing to your RSS feed. I would appreciate it if you visited my blog and did the same! I'm looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better.

    The Healthy Moms

  13. Hi! I'm hopping over from the UBP 2010! Your blog is beautiful! I look forward to stopping back by here. (c:

  14. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're enjoying the party!

  15. Hey Winner!
    You need these numbers to complete the prize form on the prize page -

    783 Hannah

  16. Nice to meet you too! We have a lot in common, gardening, cooking, and being outdoors--and we both won a prize in the UBP. Congrats to you!